It’s not a problem anymore, but a chance.

„You have finished school, the certificates in your hand and your wish is to study medicine?“

If you know that your grades are not good enough to study medicine or dental medicine in England or Germany and you don’t want to wait for a long time to get a place at a university, you should start thinking about studying abroad. It’s is not as simple as it sounds, however I’m happy to help.

Why Varna?
Due to my firm conviction, I place people for medicine and dental medicine courses at Medical University of Varna in Bulgaria, as well as in Sofia and Plovdiv.
It all started with two of my daughters who study in Varna now. However there are more students now, who went to Varna with my help. All of them are happy with the choice they made.
The MU Varna has a high standard of education, and it got the highest approval of the European Foundation For Quality Management (EFQM). You don't need certain grades and can start studying without having to wait.
The requirements for a place at MU Varna are passed A-Levels/Abitur and the successful acceptance test.
The University of Varna.
The University of Varna is a highly modern University. All of the lecture rooms and auditoriums are equipped with 3D technology, the library contains more than 160.000 medical books and the museum, with all of it's exhibits, create an interesting study environment.
The university was established as a human medicine facility, however the part used for dental medicine got added to it in 2006. The building used for faculties for dental medicine is only a couple of years old and is highly equipped, better compared to most German universities.
An important advantage, compared with German universities, is that there are enough patients available, which both the medicine and dental medicine students can treat in their clinical semesters.
The pharmacy got rebuild completely in 2015, where chemistry, biochemisty and pharmacology courses take place.
The study.
The study program for medicine and dental medicine lasts for 6 academic years and is carried out in English.
Both programs gets studied for 5 years and are followed by a practicle year, which can be done somewhere else e.g. in England/Germany. After the 6 years the study gets accepted not just in Europe but also in Canada and USA.
An assistant time in Germany is not needed after completing the 6 years. You also achieve the doctor title after completing a written exam, which is like a bachelor exam, successfully.
After the first four semesters the medicine students get their preliminary medical examination accepted in Germany/England. Therefore you can apply for the first clincal semester directly at the specific university. This gives you a chance to avoid a long waiting time or the numerus clausus.
After the first two semesters the dental medicine students get their preliminary examination accepted, this means that they are able to apply at a englisch /german university for the 3rd preclinical semester.
Each year about 250 medicine students ad 40 dental medicine students start at MU Varna. About 90% of all the students come from abroad, mostly from Germany, but also from England, Sweden, Iran, Turkey and Greece.
Study and the life in Varna.
You live and study in the so called “Summer capital” of Bulgaria- with more than 300 sunny days throughout the year and next to the black sea.
Varna is with a population of about 355.000 people the 3rd biggest city in Bulgaria. One of Varna's famous tourist attractions are the “Golden sand” with are famous for their festivals.
It has an international airport where you can fly to many different destinations.
Varna gives the studies a high quality of living with cheap conditions. The monthly rent is about 250-400 Euros and you will need about 50% of the amount of money you would need to live in Germany. The tuition fees for each semester are 4.000 Euros, Hungary e.g. is twice as expensive.
To study in Varna it is required to pass your Abitur/A-Levels. If you didn't do Biology or Chemistry in sixth form, they will use your GCSE chemistry and biology grades (Year 10&11).
However both subjects need to be passed, otherwise your application will not be accepted.
If you meet these requirements you can take part in the application test. This test takes place in Varna in April, June, July and September. There is an open day on the specific Friday and the application test is on Saturday. Your English and the knowledge of chemistry and biology get tested.
What I can do...
As a preparation for the application test I can provide you with multiple-choice questions and answers. I also know the other tasks areas and can give you useful material for them. The test is doable if you prepare yourself well, which normally takes up 2 to 4 weeks. Until now, everyone, who I helped, got accepted.
The administrative part is really arduous. I will do all of the bureaucratic procedures, this includes all the translations and apostilles in Bulgaria. In addition I will do the registration for the application test, if needed the booking of a hotel and I will book the required appointment at the doctors.
After the successful application at MU Varna I am able to help with e.g. finding a flat, opening a bank account or creating a phone contract.
The only thing I need are the certificates which are notarized with an apostille. The apostille is a notarization of the notarized copie of the original certificates. You get these apostilles from .
This is how you can make a chance out of a problem!
Next acceptance days in Varna.
Open day and acceptance test winter semester 2020/21 in Varna:
24/25 April,
19/20 June,
24/25 July
and 12 of September without Open Day!
An early examination date increases your chances!
Study dental medicine or just medicine- without numerus clausus (NC) and a long time of waiting is possible- at really attractive EU-Universities, such as the University of Varna.
Studying in Varna improves your language skills and creates a really high quality of life. The costs are relatively low compared to other countries and with the help of my administrative effort the chances of getting a place at MU Varna are very high.
To me.
Dr. med. dent. Daniela Bogena
born 22.12.1964 in Remscheid/Germany
Auf der Heide 4
28790 Schwanewede/Germany

+49 421 662202 during the day
+49 421 662216 at night
+49 172 4411484

- dentists, works in Bremen in a combined office with my husband Dr. Jan Bogena
- focused of the dental praxis: Implantology, aestethical dentistry, periodontology, children dentistry
- I'm doing a master of Science (MSC) in dental prosthetic
- apprenticeship in quality management up to a quality AUDITORIN followed by the ISO Norm
- Creating a quality management system for a dental office “from the office for the office” focusing on the risk of infection (hygiene), safety at work, radiation protection and privacy protection
- Praxis coaching to optimise processes and the finding of weaknesses
- As an instructor: workshops for adhesive dental medicine, direct and indirect composite techniques
- performance of workshops in: quality management in dental medicine, implementation of hygiene instructions, reckoning, special prosthetics and implantology

Study places obtained last year with my help:

  • April 2019100%
  • June 2019100%
  • July 2019100%
  • September 201999%